The Story of a Beautiful Passing

Coach Bob Walthour at home. March 2014. ©2014 Ken Doo Photography

Coach Bob Walthour at home. March 2014. ©2014 Ken Doo Photography

The Story of a Beautiful Passing 

September 20, 2014

On Saturday, September 20th, Coach Bob, your coach, teacher, friend, and our dad and grandpa, passed away peacefully at his home. He was ready to move on to heaven, but seemed to be stalling.  At 2:00 in the morning his breathing changed from labored to calm as if he was in an endurance event, slow, easy, saving energy…why?  He couldn’t speak, so I couldn’t know, but Dad had a plan. He always had a PLAN!  All I could do was sit back and watch it unfold.  Then, it became clear. He wanted his beloved caregiver, Umesh, to be by his side. Umesh arrived at 8:00am. “You were waiting for me Bob, I know it.”  Dad’s breathing remained gentle and calm. At 9:25 Umesh said he was close. I put my head down on the pillow next to Dad’s and with my hand on his heart I spoke to him…all the regular things you might say to someone who is dying…”We are all okay Dad, it is okay to go, I am so joyful for you to see Mom, baby Bobby, Art, Dick, Patty, Grandma, and Grandpa and all your friends that have gone before and God, of course!” Then, it was not so much that I felt his last breath as that I felt the absence of the next and a huge rush of spirit swooshed through and around me. It felt like pure joy!  Peter opened the gates to Heaven and Dad just slipped right in…not a bump in the road. If there was a scoring system for this last life event, he would have scored a perfect 10! Dad’s Catholic faith was the foundation for his very being. He loved the simple things in life…watering his plants, eating a snickers bar, sailing, building a sandcastle, feeding the birds. People meditate for years to get to that level of presence. His dedication to the traditions and practices of his religion brought him to this place.  As I grieve, I will try to remember the joy he released at his passing as it far surpasses any sadness. My hope is that sharing his story will help you on this path too. He was present in his life and he was a present to life.  Weren’t we lucky!

–Krisi Walthour Furbee

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Monterey Peninsula Diving at RL Stevenson Pool

Dear divers, parents, and coaches,

Summer diving lessons for beginning through advanced level divers will start on Monday, June 6th, at Stevenson School. Please see the attached registration forms and mail them in soon. Diving classes will be limited to about 10 divers.

If you or someone you know would like to take diving lessons, but can’t afford to, please let me know. We have space for two people to dive at no cost.

My best,
Heidi Haussermann
Monterey Peninsula Diving

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Memorial for Jen Simmons

A celebration of Jen’s life will be held at the Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club on Friday, May 15 at 5:00 PM.  Donations in Jen’s memory may be made to the Equine Education Alliance at the Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club (, MEarth ( or the charity of your choice. 


Ken Fittro
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Masters Swim Practice Back on Track at Patullo Swim Center

Masters Swimmers!  Masters Swim Practice is back at the Patullo Swim Center in Seaside, 1148 Wheeler Street—starting April 13, 2015.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays—–5:00 AM to 7:00 AM

There will be a summer option at CHS—more details to follow.

See you at the pool!


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Jen Simmons Passed Away

Friends. Our Swimming family has been touched by misfortune for the second time in the past several months.  This evening our dear friend Jen Simmons has passed away at CHOMP with family and friends at her side.
Jen was a teacher, a horse-woman, friend, daughter, sister, gardner, surfer, and lifelong swimmer.  Jen always said that “a morning swim was the perfect way to start the day!
Monterey Bay Masters is one of the first Masters’ Swim Programs registered in Pacific Masters and Jen has been there from the beginning. Jen served as treasurer, scheduler, supporter of all swimmers, and beloved friend of our Mentor Bob Walthour. Like many of us, she swam at the “old Carmel pool” and enjoyed the new “Bob Walthour Swim Center” with a passion that cannot be measured.
Jen had an extremely good sense of humor, keeping many of us in stitches with her levity and sharp wit, always with a perspective that helped to define our world.  New and veteran members were made comfortable by her presence.
Jen was a piece of the fabric of Carmel and Carmel Valley, she will be missed by us all.  Please keep her family and close friends in your prayers.   We will keep you posted regarding services and memoriam.

Ken Fittro, M.Ed.,M.S.
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No Morning Practices at the CHS Pool

The CHS Pool is closed in the mornings.

While we will be attempting to return Masters Swim Practices to the CHS Pool, until that time the pool remains closed in the mornings. Please do not enter the pool area.

We are in the process of obtaining access to the Pattullo Swim Center in Seaside, and will let you know the schedule as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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Pool Changes ; Jen Simmons

Masters swimmers:

First of all please keep our dear friend Jen Simmons in your thoughts this evening.  She is acutely ill, but being well cared for at this hour at CHOMP. She is not available for phone calls. We will keep you abreast of her condition as we receive information.

Sorry also to be the bearer of more bad news, but we will not be swimming at the Carmel pool, at least for the near future.

For the past seven months Seaside Aquatic Club has been subsidizing the Masters program at the cost of several thousand dollars with the hope that the program will return to its former prowess before the eight week closure this past summer.  Several months ago I informed the school district that as a result of the closure during the summer 2014 that their costs were exceeding our revenues due to loss of membership. This with the hope that we could work together to keep this invaluable program going for the Carmel/Carmel Valley community. With no assistance in site we were forced to decrease our hours first to three days a week, then to 1.5 hours per day.  The response from the District:  increase the pool hourly use rate as of March 2.  This increase has resulted in costs which are similar per week to our costs before we cut days and hours.

After many hours of “crunching the numbers” it was determined that Seaside Aquatic Club simply could not continue to bear the excessive costs associated with this program, especially after the original losses we absorbed when we were first asked by the District to take over the program at the beginning of 2013.

I apologize for this late notice, but the decision was made late morning on Thursday, and I have been trying to obtain pool time at Pattullo since then. I was hoping to be able to tell you at this time we would be at Pattullo tomorrow but I have not been able to confirm use of the Pattullo Pool as yet. Hopefully this will be a different story by tomorrow.  I will let you know as soon as possible.

Ken Fittro

Evening swim practice  on Tues/Thurs at 6-7:30 PM at the CHS Pool is open to masters swimmers through the Legacy Swim Conditioning program.

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